The Future of Towing – Electric and Exotic Cars in Las Vegas

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Can Victory Towing tow ATVs, tow trailers, and other odd vehicles?

The short answer is, yes. We can tow an ATV, tow trailers, and in many situations two large boats. Please call us with details at +1 702 994-0661

The Rise of Electric and Exotic Cars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a city that embraces the extraordinary, and its automotive scene is no exception. The growth of the electric and exotic car market in Las Vegas has been remarkable in recent years. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that by 2030 there will be 33 million EVs on the road and 28 million EV charging ports will be needed to support them. This surge in EV adoption, coupled with the city’s reputation for luxury and extravagance, has created a unique environment for towing services.

image of a exotic car on a flatbed tow truck getting transported

Challenges in Towing Electric and Exotic Cars

Towing electric and exotic cars presents a set of challenges that differ from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles:

  • Regenerative Braking Systems: Many EVs use regenerative braking, which can complicate the towing process.
  • Specialized Equipment: Exotic cars often require flatbed towing due to their low ground clearance.
  • Battery Concerns: EVs with depleted batteries may need special handling during towing.
  • Weight Distribution: The unique weight distribution of EVs and exotic cars can affect towing stability.

Can electric vehicles be towed just like gas powered vehicles?

No, electric vehicles (EVs) cannot be towed like normal gas-powered cars. There are some key differences that require special precautions when towing an EV:

  • EVs have sensitive onboard electronics and motors that can be damaged if towed with the wheels on the ground. This can engage the regenerative braking system and cause strain on the electrical systems.
  • Most EVs do not have a neutral gear, so the wheels turning will generate power to the battery even when the car is off. This can lead to damage if towed with the wheels on the ground.
  • The safest way to tow an EV is with a flatbed trailer that lifts all four wheels off the ground. This prevents damage to the drivetrain and electrical components.
  • Wheel lift tow trucks and flat towing with the wheels on the ground are not recommended for EVs and can potentially cause significant damage.
  • Consult the owner’s manual for specific towing instructions for your EV model. Some may require disconnecting the battery or using a battery charger while towing to prevent draining.